Thursday, August 2, 2012

August 2 2012


Title: House Republicans Vote To Extend Bush Tax Cuts
Summary of Article :WASHINGTON -- The House of Representatives made its election-year arguments Wednesday in the tax-cut battle roiling Capitol Hill, rejecting a plan to preserve middle-class breaks while backing a measure that safeguards wealthier taxpayers.

Title: Olympics Showdown: Phelps vs. Lochte
Summary of Article :LONDON -- It's time for Round 2 of Michael Phelps vs. Ryan Lochte.

Title: Obama Ad Attacks Romney's Tax Rate: He Paid 'Probably Less Than You'
Summary of Article :President Barack Obama's reelection campaign is once again attacking Mitt Romney over the issue of taxes, releasing a new ad on Thursday highlighting how the presumptive Republican nominee would raise taxes on middle class Americans while boosting the incomes of the nation's top earners.


Title: Aleppo rebels attack army base
Summary of Article :Rebel fighters in the Syrian city of Aleppo say they have attacked an army base near the city, using a tank seized from the military."

Title: Facebook has 83 million 'fakes'
Summary of Article :Facebook reveals in company filings that more than 83 million of its 955 million active users may not be real people.

Title: Euro bank pledges further support
Summary of Article :European markets fall following comments from ECB head Mario Draghi, who says the bank is working on measures to help the euro but gives few details.

Title: Chinese teenager 'kills eight'
Summary of Article :A teenager has killed eight people and wounded five others in a knife attack in China's Liaoning province, state media says.


Title: Syrian troops accused of 'massacres' near Damascus
Summary of Article :Live Scores of bodies are found in two suburbs of capital amid fears of all-out assault on Aleppo

Title: GM profits slip 41% amid Euro woes
Summary of Article :America's largest car firm made $1.5bn in the second quarter of 2012, with European division reporting operating loss of $361m

Title: Israel PM: time 'running out on Iran'
Summary of Article :Netanyahu tells US defence secretary that diplomacy has so far failed to end nuclear programme

Title: Bundesbank warns over euro crisis
Summary of Article :Bankers play down claims by European politicians about the 'unlimited firepower' for bailout funds


Title: Syria forces attack Damascus district
Summary of Article : Syrian forces storm neighbourhood in capital, reportedly killing at least 35 civilians, as rebels shell Aleppo airbase

Title: Obama inks 'secret order' to aid Syria rebels
Summary of Article : New order broadly permits CIA and other US agencies to support rebels seeking to depose Bashar al-Assad from power

Title: Dhaka bans NGOs from helping Rohingya
Summary of Article : Three foreign aid groups barred from helping refugees fleeing violence in Myanmar, saying their work encourages influx

Title: Tropical storm Saola washes over Taiwan
Summary of Article : Massive storm that killed 23 people in Philippines makes landfall on island, bringing rains that could last for days

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