Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July 31st 2012


Title: Congress To Obama: Show Us Your 'License To Kill'
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Title: WATCH: Journalist Suspended By Twitter Fires Back
Summary of Article :The Independent's Guy Adams had his Twitter account suspended on Sunday after the Los Angeles-based correspondent tweeted the email address of the president ofNBC's Olympics coverage. His account was restored Tuesday afternoon.

Title: Fencing Gold Tarnished By Controversy?
Summary of Article :LONDON -- Fencer Yana Shemyakina of Ukraine beat defending champion Britta Heidemann of Germany 9-8 to win the Olympic gold medal in women's individual epee Monday.


Title: 'Thousands trapped' in Syria city
Summary of Article :Concern grows over conditions in the Syrian city of Aleppo as the army offensive continues, with a UN official warning that thousands of people are trapped."

Title: Half of India left without power
Summary of Article :Hundreds of millions are left without electricity in northern and eastern India, after a massive power cut that also cripples much of the transport system.

Title: Romney wraps up tour on sour note
Summary of Article :US presidential candidate Mitt Romney ends his overseas tour in Poland, as frustrations between his campaign and journalists boil over.

Title: Theft charge for Russian blogger
Summary of Article :Russian anti-corruption campaigner Alexei Navalny is charged with embezzlement in a case he describes as "strange and absurd".


Title: India blackouts leave 700 million without power
Summary of Article :Power cuts plunge 20 of India's 28 states into darkness as energy suppliers fail to meet growing demand

Title: Romney campaign attacks media
Summary of Article :Live Mitt Romney and his staff lash out at US media coverage of his inept, error-strewn overseas trip – live coverage here

Title: Assad forces continue onslaught
Summary of Article :Battle for Syria's second city intensifies as Assad regime claims it has stamped out rebel assault in Damascus

Title: Abu Qatada bid for release fails
Summary of Article :Judges reject attempt to end what cleric's lawyers claimed was longest administrative detention in modern English history


Title: Mass blackout strikes India for second day
Summary of Article : Northern and eastern grids reported to have failed, leaving millions without electricity for second consecutive day

Title: Syrian forces intensify air assault on Aleppo
Summary of Article : Helicopters and artillery hammer key rebel-held areas as government forces continue full-scale assault on northern city

Title: Rebels claim victory in Syria's al-Bab town
Summary of Article : Opposition claims to have pushed regime forces from what they say was military's last urban base outside Aleppo city

Title: Arafat's widow asks France to probe 'murder'
Summary of Article : Suha Arafat asks French court to launch murder investigation into the death of the Palestinian leader over poison claim

Monday, July 30, 2012

July 30th 2012


Summary of Article :Prosecutors filed formal charges on Monday against James Holmes, the lone suspect in the fatal shooting of 12 moviegoers during a screening of "The Dark Knight Rises" in Aurora, Colo.

Tittle: McCain Was 'Disturbed' By Romney's 'Self-Deport' Comments
Summary of Article :Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) warned Mitt Romney, in an interview published Monday at The Daily Beast, that the presumptive GOP nominee needs to soften his rhetoric on immigration if he wants to win Latino voters.

Tittle: Pentagon Denies Help For Afghan War Wounded With Genital Loss
Summary of Article :WASHINGTON -- For the growing number of soldiers and Marines whose genitals are damaged or destroyed by blasts from improvised explosive devices while in combat, the Pentagon has decided it will not provide some critical reproductive health benefits.


Tittle: Syria army steps up Aleppo attack
Summary of Article :Syrian government forces step up their assault on rebel-held areas of the second city, Aleppo, using artillery, ground forces and helicopter gunships."

Tittle: Millions lost on Afghan projects
Summary of Article :Hundreds of millions of US taxpayer dollars may have been wasted on poorly managed infrastructure projects in Afghanistan, says a report to Congress.

Tittle: Racist tweet Olympian expelled
Summary of Article :Switzerland's Olympic football team expels Michel Morganella after racist comments were posted from his Twitter account.

Tittle: Outage leaves 300m Indians in dark
Summary of Article :A massive power cut causes disruption across northern India, including in the capital, Delhi, affecting more than 300 million people.


Tittle: Syria: foreign jihadists could join battle for Aleppo
Summary of Article :Jihadists are said to be planning to join a decisive battle against regime troops

Tittle: Romney remarks anger Palestinians
Summary of Article :Speech in Jerusalem puts Israel's economic success down to 'power of at least culture and a few other things'

Tittle: Holmes faces 24 murder charges
Summary of Article :Prosecutors also charge Colorado suspect with 116 counts of attempted murder in shooting that killed 12 people

Tittle: Twitter bans account critical of NBC
Summary of Article :Social media site sparks wave of indignation after suspending account of journalist Guy Adams


Tittle: Syria foes 'advance' in battle-wracked Aleppo
Summary of Article : Government forces claim to have stormed rebel-held Salaheddin district, but Free Syrian Army commanders deny the loss

Tittle: Foreign 'jihadi' fighters reported in Syria
Summary of Article : Video footage suggests the involvement in Syria conflict of foreign fighters with sympathies or links to al-Qaeda

Tittle: Colorado suspect faces 142 criminal counts
Summary of Article : Former graduate student James Holmes formally accused of killings at Denver-area screening of latest "Batman" film

Tittle: Death terms in Iran bank scandal
Summary of Article : Of the 39 people tried for fraud, biggest in the country's history, court orders death for four of those convicted

Sunday, July 29, 2012

July 29th 2012


Tittle: Lochte Surrenders Lead To France
Summary of Article :Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps were called on for the final in the men's 4x100-meter freestyle relay despite not participating in the qualifier for Team USA.

Tittle: Romney Aide: Candidate Would 'Respect' Israeli Strike On Iran
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Tittle: Scalia: Individual Mandate Is Not A Tax
Summary of Article :WASHINGTON -- Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said Sunday that he does not believe the high court is "political," and refused to comment on Chief Justice John Roberts' deliberations in its recent health care reform decision.


Tittle: Aleppo 'nail in Assad's coffin'
Summary of Article :Syria's assault on the city of Aleppo is a "nail in the coffin" of President Assad, says US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta as he starts a Middle East tour."

Tittle: Praise for first GB medal winners
Summary of Article :Friends and neighbours have celebrated Rebecca Adlington and Lizzie Armitstead's Olympic success, as commuters are warned of congestion and lost Wembley security keys are sought.

Tittle: N Korea dismisses talk of reform
Summary of Article :North Korea dismisses reports from South Korea that it is planning policy changes that will lead to the opening up of the secretive communist state.

Tittle: Pussy Riot trial due in Moscow
Summary of Article :Members of Russian political punk rock group Pussy Riot are due to go on trial, accused of hooliganism in Moscow's main cathedral.


Tittle: Romney declares unity with Israel over Iranian threat
Summary of Article :Presumptive US presidential candidate delivers foreign policy speech in Jerusalem after meeting with PM

Tittle: Assad forces in Aleppo onslaught
Summary of Article :Battle for Syria's second city intensifies as Assad regime claims it has stamped out rebel assault in Damascus

Tittle: Manning lawyers focus on conditions
Summary of Article :Bradley Manning's lawyers move to have the 22 charges against him dismissed due to treatment during his detention likened to torture

Tittle: Climate study converts sceptics
Summary of Article :Earth's land shown to have warmed by 1.5C over past 250 years, with humans being almost entirely responsible


Tittle: Fierce battles as rebels fight to hold Aleppo
Summary of Article : Free Syrian Army says regime's ground attack halted for now, but artillery and helicopters continue to hammer city

Tittle: Romanian leader likely to surive referendum
Summary of Article : With 45 per cent of the electorate voting for impeachment, referendum against suspended leader Basescu unlikely to pass

Tittle: Romney pledges support for Israel
Summary of Article : Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney says US has "a solemn duty" to block Iran's nuclear ambitions

Tittle: Empty seats prompt Olympic investigation
Summary of Article : Empty VIP seats at supposedly sold-out events have prompted the London Olympic Committee to launch a review